more lies behind the screen 

welcome to feelingmachine.moe! i made this site in aprox. febuary 2022, primarily to archive my artwork. since then, it's grown to have a couple more things than that!

like everybody else who has a website and is also weird in the cool way, i just don't find modern social media worth it. i still use it to keep at least slightly in touch with society, but this is a nice place to be seperate from it as well. my "aesthetic" inspirations for my page layouts are mostly machinery, and the feelings of "cured isolation" i found on the internet when i was young and somehow less strange than now.

you can explore the rest of this haven through the subtitle link above. i hope you have as fun browsing as i do coding it. - nephro p. dae

this site is best viewed on 1920x1080 and in firefox.

[ salutations. ]

gif of the now:

update log:

7/18/24: updated kinlist. that's it. that's the site update. go home everypony

6/3/24: new article about connections to places that don't exist and my choice to call myself by a fictional heritage

5/30/24: nudged the footer a bit upwards since it was apparently clipping the div border. how the fuck did i not notice this?

5/6/24: due to 123guestbook's oncoming shutdown, my guestbook has been moved to a seperate page. check that one out, leave a fun comment, ect.

4/24/24: there's a page now for my cookie run comic scans i've been working on this week.

2/27/24: article about a dating sim with the bracken from lethal company.

1/28/24: rewrote and recoded my about page.

1/22/24: shifted the gifbox and the updatebox. that's it. that's the update.

1/19/24: new article on the relative safety of the ficto community compared to before.

1/17/24: a new webring has been born for a topic i'm all too familiar with -- check out the 2dlove ring!

1/4/24: i literally forgot i was going to add status.cafe so it's on my index now OOOPSSS

1/2/24: re-coded and re-wrote my shrine for the roblox horror game doors, as well as a seperate page for my favorite entity, the figure!

12/28/23: article about a small utau producer i like, removed festivities from index.

12/24/23: overhaul of navi and articles stylesheets.

12/23/23: overhaul of index. more is to come. also a small write-up on it.

12/9/23: added a page (FINALLY) for advertising a ficto discord that i run

12/4/23: festive times call for festive measures. the index now has snow.

10/21/23: article talking about some stuff with That One New Show

10/16/23: updates to the roblox shrine. perhaps something along the lines of roblox is in the works, too...! also, added a "misc" section to my art archive for the 3d renders + a new video

10/1/23: happy 24 months of archived artwork on this site!