welcome to feelingmachine.moe! this is basically just a spot online where i am able to fully express myself and ramble about things i like, away from all of the nonsense such as a feed, followers, and the general rat race that is social media in the modern era. the only way to win is to not participate, so here i am. this site has an archive of my art dating back to late 2021, and that was the main reason i started getting into the whole personal website thing in the first place! however, it's branched out to a lot more now...you can view that with the link up top, which gives you a general navigation to pretty much everything public on here at the moment. i try to update it periodically, so feel free to come back whenever to see what's new.

my inspirations at the moment for my web design include themes of inhumanity, machinery, boring office culture, and the cogs from toontown online. with that being said, this website looks its greatest if you're using a desktop computer, a 1920x1080 monitor, and on firefox. i am not liable for designing with mobile compatibility in mind -- nothing on this site is urgent enough to be viewed on a phone rather than the intended place of a cozy home computer -- so please don't bother me about it, because i won't be listening to you. i also may go into topics on some more personalized spots of the site that may be uncomfortable for some, so if there's a warning someplace or another, heed it, and keep some respect for the esoteric parts as well.

with that being said, have fun looking around, and if you have something to say, there's also a guestbook link on here.

no matter what emotions a feeling machine displays, they are, at the core, inherently different from how a human is. as a result, it carves its own way.

update log

12/9/23: added a page (FINALLY) for advertising a ficto discord that i run

12/4/23: festive times call for festive measures. the index now has snow.

10/21/23: article talking about some stuff with That One New Show

10/16/23: updates to the roblox shrine. perhaps something along the lines of roblox is in the works, too...! also, added a "misc" section to my art archive for the 3d renders + a new video

10/1/23: happy 24 months of archived artwork on this site!

9/29/23: thank you for 1,000,000 visits!

9/17/23: new article about personal gender stuff.

9/3/23: new article on my roadtrip i just took

7/23/23: new fic. its another x reader

7/19/23: moved home page back to being the index, updated it to have some extra words and scrolling and other stuff. updated graphix page a tad for blinkies/stamps.

7/6/23: finished my shrine for my chinchilla, bong water pussy sonichu! also rewrote my about.

7/4/23: added an index page again, and moved this page to home.html

6/22/23: added a diary page and one page to that as well. updated CLO shrine.

6/20/23: updated toontown shrine, added new graphics from gifcities hoarding to that page.

6/13/23: updated antonblast shrine a bit

6/12/23: added custom thumbnail for neocities index display using this script. hopefully fixed screen size issues on navigation page.

5/20/23: a basketful of mini-articles.

5/8/23: rewrote and redesigned the navigation page

5/6/23: been a while, huh? started working on a page for bong water.

3/22/23: new article! its about toontown online and anticapitalism.

3/18/23: i added a guestbook again. it's right above this. please be nice to me. also, i doubled the amount of videos on the TV. good part of my site :)

3/8/23: removed some articles from the list.

2/23/23: "mini-shrine" nah this shit's gonna be real. it's not done yet but. toontown shrine real?! also rewrote my index again lol

2/15/23: new fic

2/13/23: started a new mini-shrine for toontown corporate clash

2/12/23: happy 500,000 views on feelingmachine.moe!!

2/10/23: new silly page for images that describe me to a degree.

2/1/23: new site button. might be better for sites with a lighter color pallete. oh, also a pagedoll. cute.


1/25/23: what if it was blue

1/13/23: new article about the future of feelingmachine