As of May 11, 2022, sugarteara has reached an amazing 100,000 visits on the page. These are counted as one visit per each indiviual sub-page visited by each lovely person who has taken their time to explore. Each friend who has read the update logs right as they hit the save, and each stranger who finds me through a search page, a search engine, a button somewhere else, or otherwise.

137 megabytes going towards over 50 pages, if you don't even count each individual page of Carapace, which has hit its own 60+ pages. There is also the iframes used for my graphic hoard. Every image is now stored neatly in 30 folders. This place has been built upon, no matter how big or small, 4,621 updates. And some people are more than just travellers to this website, no, 118 followers, each and every one of you so, so loved by your webmaster. 118! 118 who were entranced enough to want ot see more.

Of course, none of this could've been done without you. Without you, dear reader. You are my inspiration, the one I love, adore from beyond this screen. I need you to feel the claws, crystal or otherwise, giving you a nice, big hug right now. Mwaah. Thank (You) so much.

Of course, this adventure was quite long. It took...337 days to reach this 100,000 milestone. A lot of days. Almost a year. But a lot of this time was spent in hiatus, about the first three or four months. 90-120 days were spent as a shell of a page. I do not have the archives for this, sadly, but it looked a lot more bare-bones, with mostly Cookie Run assets, and a lot of double borders.

What brought sugarteara out of that hiatus, that hibernation, was not only my unstanding unstability for a new project, but the discovery of another site.

It was this one. kromercoin was what brought me back here. Very special shoutout to you, Spamton G. Spamton. I owe you every bit of my bank account.

Again, none of this would've happened without every single person who can see and read this page. You're all the GOAT today.

Here's one to many more milestones, many more pages, survivng through this desperate world. Life has no meaning, but we are all making meaning today, and even history. Fate is real, but bendable to the whims of who controls it.

Thank you for everything, reader.