Yesterday was the anniversary of when I decided to take control of my fate. Fate of what? Fate of how I showed myself to the world-wide-web. I registered for Neocities yesterday and a year ago. June Eighth, 2021. Now it is June Ninth, 2022! Which is a very big number. Originally, I had a lot of steam for the site. I made a navigation bar on every page, which all looked the same, basically. A background ripped from Cookie Run, some colors. I wrote down some memories of being Lobster Cookie, made a journal of an aquarium visit I had, and...immedietly forgot about the entire site for a few months.

Thank God that wasn't forever, because now there's 133K views on a year-old site that I've put my heart towards, working, coding, drawing for, searching, researching, so, so much time spent just constructing this site. It's all so worth it. I still advertise moving to Neocities to my tech-light friends who are somehow still tolerating Twitter, in some attempt to show them a brighter side of things. It only worked twice so far. Drat. But I'm still kicking as always!

And as the year went by, Neocities also grew with me. Within the last two months, Neocities has somehow ammassed a crowd that bogged down bandwidth to...import their Carrds into Neocities? For some reason? Wish they'd fuck off. At least make a Genshin shrine or something to make your stay worth it. Neocities was never a place for your about-me and nothing more, your DNIs. DNIs are weird on a personal site. They don't work at all, because unlike social media, unless you have some box to have people talk in, they won't interact with you anyways. That's what a static site is. Whatever, this crowd will move on eventually to the next shiny thing.

And with those types of fans comes a shared media -- Cookie Run. I am growing out of Cookie Run. Heard about the legendary treasure and the disasterous Fire Spirit Cookie legendary costume and immedietly uninstalled and decided it wasn't worth playing, just watching things go by. Fixations come and go. Personally, while I've been quiet here about it for now, I've been really into Antonball Deluxe and Antonblast. The Antonblast kickstarter is still going as I write this. Please check that out, it'd be a great service. So hooked, it's made me think of rebranding. But I won't do that.

Sugarteara is my home, after all! While I've seen the game deteriorate in real time, the memories of a pure thing remain. This site is Sugarteara, as well. Sugarteara two, even. Don't expect any drastic changes unless I get really impulsive. It's only been this year, after all. This long, lovely year on Neocities.

When I first joined, I was perhaps -- struggling. I had no place to be, it seemed. I was afraid of other people. I was afraid and I wanted to merely drop out of existance in the first place and become a hikikomori and a nobody. That stance has healed itself away. I've learned to build my own place to belong instead of depending on other places to fit myself into. I'm one of a kind, and while not in the good way, I am also perhaps tolerable enough for enough to stay to create a small group of friends I love very much.

To everybody in the year I was active on Piss Ano, thank you. To everybody in Nya Network, which while I am a treading rabbit in, I adore for the most part, thank you. To my friends who I cannot name now, thank you as well. To Summit Inn, which I haven't even been in for a month, thank you, though I slightly doubt any of you would find this?

To Chexter, you absoltue dimwit, thank you. To Mudd, I hope you find the best hottest mom, thank you. To Arne, who was probably raised on the Disney channel, thank you (dumbass). To Jappy, and your wives love you very much, thank you. To Crunge, the Harrier to my Cuno and the Brad to my Buddy, thank you. To Nyakka, who I want to tie to a cartoon rocket and send flying, thank you. To Nezu, who is probably with their BF in a smash tournament right now, thank you. To Melbie, I love you so so much holy SHIT, I love you, I love you, thank you too by the way, I love you. To every single friend I could not name here, thank you.

You've taught me how to live, to love, to celebrate, to enjoy, to become a person again after so long. Thank you.

May another year I create more and another year I have more friends. I want to become Komi-san and obtain 500 friends. I want to love. I can love. I love. I will love. I love. Thank you.