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The 2Dlove ring is a webring aimed at sites owned by webmasters that are selfshippers, waifuists, fictosexual, yumejoshis, and other ways of falling under the general umbrella of being in love with a fictional character that extends past the form of just being a big fan. It aims for a simple, collected way of grouping together what is already a pretty small part of the internet together to connect with each other. The indie web is already known for being a safe space for niche communities on the web, away from the peering, even judgemental eyes of the larger audiences of social media, and websites dedicated to webmaster's love for their fictional other are definetly not unheard of.

The webring widget can be seen below, and features the most well-known fictosexual flag, as well as a general dark purple/pink color scheme.

You may use the navigational links above to go through additional information about this webring, as well as the rules for entry, as well as our members list, and the application form and instructions on how to join!