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Why was this Webring Made?

Personally, I have been in 2d relationships since I was very young, with my first dating back to elementary school age! However, as I grew up and faced the world, I ended up facing a great deal of judgement and even shame from others for my unusual condition of being in love with fictional characters. However, this also led to me discovering spaces online for the love of fictional characters, and I got to realize that not only was this not wrong to have, that this was, in fact, a very deep-felt part of myself. This webring is so that we can all feel a little less lonely about it online.

Another factor that came into the creation of this webring was a certain larger webring dedicated to self-inserts and self-shipping that I had watched fall apart due to a mix of over-popularity, and under-moderation. The huge amount of applicants had overwhelmed the webmaster, which led to the admission process being automated and mostly self-done, and thus, the webring becoming too general. About half of the members ended up not being...actual webmasters, just people online, or even not related to the topic of the webring at all. It felt disheartening and almost insulting to watch. Thus, a more collected webring I could make, because that's the freedom of the indie web as well.

Rules for Webring Applications

- Sites that contain hateful, gruesome, or otherwise NSFL content will be denied a webring listing.

- While NSFW websites are allowed, you must specify if your website is NSFW in the form so I can add the appropiate warning labels for it on the listing.

- This webring is only for personal websites. Social media pages, carrds/rentrys, and similar are not allowed.

- I, the owner of this webring, do not agree with every opinion/viewpoint held by the members of this webring. Don't like, don't read. This also holds for other members of the webring.

- There is no "no doubles" or claimlist for the webring. By joining, you are agreeing to the knowledge that a double/dupe may also join this webring. If you are personally uncomfortable with the idea of this, this webring may not be for you.

- Be serious about your love for your fictional others if you are going to join. The mileage may vary, but merely light simping for a character may get you denied entry.

- Fictional others that are under the age of common consent (18), animals, or someone that cannot properly consent to a relationship/that do not pass the Harkness test are banned from being listed, and may also deny the applicant general entry into the webring.

- Polygamy is allowed. The form goes into more detail on this.

- I am allowed to decline your application for any reason.