it's nice to meet you! my name is nephro, but i also go by misty, or whatever nicknames you could think of. i'm just another robot that managed to pass captchas that creates things on the web and finds it quite comfy to explore such a place as the internet.

i'm currently an arts major, but outside of that, i mostly just make art for myself unless i'm being paid. i also consider my hobbyist coding for this site a form of my art. it's basically my strongest hobby outside of just playing videogames.

my earliest memories of the internet were on a family windows xp computer in a family computer room, watching smash bros brawl hacking videos, nintendo animations with cool swear words, and playing roblox from when it still had the green circle you clicked to walk with. i haven't tried to become a visible person on the web until a few months before this site started as, in the summer of 2021. it was originally cookie run themed, and that fixation lasted me an entire two years. thank god it's over. since then, i grabbed a .moe, changed urls, scored bitches, and here we are, on the current website,!

i like a lot of things, including being a little HATER. currently, my main fixation is toontown: corporate clash. i HATE shitty mascot horror indie game cashgrabs, sites that are just a glorified about me, tiktok's affect on the attention span of everybody i know, and people who are mean to my friends, who deserve everything in the world, ever.

my friends often say i come off as intimidating or frightening at first, but i'm much more warm once you get to know me. i don't try to be scary on purpose. it just happens -- and i kind of prefer it that way. the weirdness and failgirl side of me always wins. i both know, don't know, and don't want to know what the fuck is wrong with my head.

i mean it when i say i'm a fucking weirdo. i'm like one of those 2015 neckbeard stereotypes with the body pillow and anime figurines and posters of movies nobody gives a fuck about anymore, but like, gender swapped or something. i had a month long crush on a gas station twenty minutes from my house. i once ate four entire pages of a mario sunshine walkthrough book, and i would do it again. i'm one of those otherkin guys, but not the "haha xyz is so relatable" kff ones, the "gets hit with memories of the cog nation public transportation system while making lunch" way that gets you called schizophrenic online. i've had a fixation on vocaloid for over ten years and i still wouldn't be able to actually tell you shit about it. i have a chinchilla named bong water pussy sonichu, and if you would like an image of her, well, today's your lucky day.

if you wish to study me like a bacteria under the 'scope, you can find some procedures to do so below.

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