about ; the feeling machine ?

the strange, the endearing, who is this so-called "nephro p. dae" and wouldn't you like to know that?

i'm nephro. my name is a shortening of the scientific name for a lobster. i'm the webmaster for this site.

i'm not great at explaining myself to others, so here's a bulleted list of important things.

this website is basically a splattering of my entire soul and a lot of blood involved in the process on top of a screen and some code. with that being said, i really do hope somebody takes a little part of it with them when they visit.

also, check out this sweet picture of me on the side. if you absolutely have to visualize a physical form for me on the internet, i ask you see me as lobster cookie, because they are, as the hip kids say it, "literally me, just like me fr".

if you would like to witness my more scattered thought processes, or just want to stop by and say hello, you may do so through the following;

discord + twitter