as of right now, my current fixation is...

...ROBLOX! I have a shrine page on this game here.

games i like

cookie run ovenbreak (I REALLY DONT), team fortress 2, lisa the painful, roblox, muse dash, project diva/mirai, splatoon, kirby, disco elysium, peggle, yume nikki, undertale/deltarune, touhou, rpg horror games, rhythm games in general

music i like

machine girl, goreshit, bring me the horizon, ferry, widdly2diddly, lauren bousfield, susumu hirasawa, masa works design, hachi, dj technorch, ic3peak, pinocchiop, kikuo, utsup, vocaloid, anything loud and obnoxious in general

watchable and readable media i like

perfect blue, paprika, welcome to the nhk, evangelion, serial experiments lain, ena, the walten files, defunctland, lgr electronics, danocoot1, vinesauce, my lesbian experience with loneliness, uzumaki, tomie, berserk, aspergers girlfriend, the moe manifesto

other things i like

sewing and embroidery, cosplay, air conditioned enviroments, rodent type animals, fish, animals in general tbh?, shitty messy rooms, figurine collecting, drawing, having money

things i DISLIKE

carrd users, website builders in general, wanting things from people who won't give them to you, hamburgers, nihilism culture, the special education system, my haters (they all go to hell when they die so its ok)