well, then it's nice to meet you, too.

my name is nephro, but i go by many other names. too many. i exist on the web here. it's both comfortable and not. depends.

contemporary information is kept at a minimum, but for what you need to know, i'm an adult, i use it pronouns. i prefer to be referred to as a machine, thing, or perhaps a cog when possible, instead of the human i am not, but i will not hold you to this.

i'm currently a college student, majoring in the arts. while i'm not focused on that, however, i like to create things. this includes the website itself here, 2d arts, and writings, both of a fictional and nonfictional varient. i want to extend my horizons to every form of art in the world someday. otherwise, i also spend my time dicking around on the web and in my habitation.

i started using the internet in around 2012, mostly to watch nintendo videos and play roblox while it still had studs. i still do that much more frequently than i should. felt a lot smaller back then, personal, nicer. while my hope for the internet to return to a golden age i personally think i never got to truly experience is thin, this website is an attempt at something like that, a second home.

my most often-felt feelings are ones of belonging somewhere else other than this world, a sense of longing for where i used to be, and, yet, a joyful whimsy for what i have acheived here.

my friends often say i come off as intimidating or frightening at first, but i'm much more warm once you get to know me. i don't try to be scary on purpose. it just happens -- and i kind of prefer it that way.

"extended about"? no, look at this social experiment i did instead.

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