There is not a lot one can talk about with a game that has not been released yet, but I can certainly try my best.

ANTONBLAST is a 2D platformer set to come out in late 2023, and a not-very-gameplay-related-sequel to Antonball Deluxe. If you managed to click on this one first, don't worry, I'll go through it again.

The summice of the plot is that Satan himself (or is it?) has targeted Anton for being more red than they are, and, assuming Anton's prized spirits collection is the source of said redness, steals all of those guys. Do not mess with a working man's one hobby is a lesson Satan is about to learn, because with the format of the game, Anton can now pummel the absolute shit out of everything in front of him, and he WILL be doing this. Annie has also returned thanks to a fufilled Kickstarter goal, and is still tagging along just for an opprotunity to, too, break some shit, and not much else to her train of thought. Brulo also apparently now owns at least half of Boiler City's businesses, which includes the demolition that Anton and Annie now work with, transportation, and again, the Casino. He's still economically fucked, and now looks even more exhausted.

The Kickstarter's done, fully funded (and more! more levels and some in-built speedrun stuff and ANNIEEEEEEEEEEEEE PLAYABLE), they're working on the game now. There's also a demo, which I'll link right below. Check this shit out, please. It's a really great demo, and I know a few people who've sunk more than five hours into this. Has it's own share of secrets, ect. ect.