interested in having a personal piece of something dear to your heart while also helping me stay financially afloat? look no further.

i do many forms of art, and i'm willing to monetize most of them. rules, guidelines, and directions will be at the bottom of the page here.


sketches -- $10 -- will be done digitally, cleaned up at the end, can have a minimal amount of color if requested.
ms paint scribbles -- $15 -- simple, clean, effective, and most of all, laincore schizopilled or whatever the kids say.
flat color -- $30 -- "flat" is a misdeneamer, i will probably add some overlay gradients on top to get things to look a little more concise, but you get it.
cel shading -- $50 -- probably the nephro iconic classic, the bright aliased shading.
flat color, lineless -- $35 -- slightly experimental still, but if it looks cooler, it looks cooler.
flat color, cel shading -- $60 -- very fun to do this, actually! might look a little messy.
digital painting -- $80+ -- expect these to take a while, but be worth it in the end. big price for big things.


i actually wasn't originally going to offer these, but a few friends suggested i do, so here i am! i'll make your blorbos make out in text form or something, or kill off your least favorite with gruesome detail.

standard fee is $10 per 500 words. please do not ask for media i am unfamiliar with unless you want something's characterization to be fucked up, which you don't.

examples for non-fiction and fiction (fanfic? yeah) writing can be found here.


put the days of sadgrl template shame behind you with my organically grown layouts, which i'll help build with you for every step to make sure it fits you and your future personal website.

no guarentees for mobile-layout or responsiveness, unfortunately.

standard fee is $20-30 per unique page design/layout/css file. depends on complexity. re-using the same css design for another page you want me to fill out instead of yourself is $10 each. none of this makes sense when written down but it works in my head and hopefully you get it too?

if my site isn't a big enough example for this, here's the site layout i made for my girlfriend. it uses iframes for the content, but i'm trying to move away from that and use them for navigation bars now or something.


i only take paypal for my commission work. do not pay me in non-monetary amounts unless agreed upon (roblox giftcard? art? who knows).

i almost always do SFW. i can do NSFW work, but it will require a 20% upcharge, because drawing it for other people honestly isn't fun anymore but it gets the bills paid. also, i won't post it publicly.

all prices are subject to adjustion and to change depending on my financial status, your requests, and other tangible conditions. complex background work or character design, or making me work with a kawaiicore sanrio website are common examples of what will require a little more money.

i am allowed to decline your commission for any reason i desire. if this occurs after an initial agreement, i will issue a refund, because i am not a bitch.


you may contact me on the following if you wish to commission me for any of this! i'd appreciate it a lot, helps with my gas money, diet pepsi fund, ect ect. yes, the diet pepsi is important -- self medicating caffiene works wonders for my broken brain.