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The non-fiction writings of the feeling machine.

I've always been an avid writer, and mostly through the art of roleplay, though I've dropped that hobby for a while by now due to personal events. However, it did kick off one of my favorite hobbies to indulge in, despite how I diverted from how it started.

But what it did give me was a strength and semi-coherency to be able to communicate an idea, or communicate in general as the years went by and I started experiencing the word salad issue that comes with my personal brainfuzz problems. The art of online arguments has truly been lost, hasn't it? Replaced with a certain man of lightning's silly words. But I am not here to try and argue essay wise. No, this place is for more constructive things, though one may call it useless if not trying to convert.

So that's what this place is for, the things that would jut over the heads if I wrote it in a tumblr post, maybe 5-20 notes if I tagged it well. I like sharing my thoughts, my ideas, and this is a place for niche conversation about esoteric useless knowledge.

This serves as a library shelf to you, my lovely stranger who found my online home. Use it well, don't tear pages, and definetly don't spit in them.

As for my fanfics, which I hid from the list on this page for personal reasons (embarassment, in other words), they can also be seen on my AO3 account, which is also named feelingmachine. Feel free to check that out if you wish (it's mostly DOORS related), but my personal writing can only be found here.

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