Where have I been? What's the future of this place?

And would you still love me if I was a worm?

I can smell the tumbleweeds on my own website at this point. Something I was once so passionate about, and now, I haven't done anything with it in ages. Because, to simply put, there's nothing to do with it anymore. feelingmachine is pretty much complete, organized, and unless I feel like rewriting a page in the future, pretty fucking stable. Trying to fix what isn't broken is fun and all, but I've moved on. Carapace has been on hiatus for a while, and I'm not sure when I'll get in the right kinshift to be able to continue it. I wish I could get over the city. I really wish. And yet...hold onto hope because I have nothing else to hold onto.

Haven't felt too into the community of the old-web spirit, either. It's, like everything else on the web, being invested by a bunch of zoomers who can't into code and just throw the sadgrl or some other template on, barely change a thing, treat it as a glorified about-me instead of, y'know, a website, and then leave it half finished when, surprise, it isn't as easy as a drag and drop. But this is an issue everyone and their dog has talked about if they've been here for a while, so I'm not going to go over it any longer.

While I would like to do some new pages, and might set up a short shrine on another neocities domain for my new 2D gf (ala the mocharaycookie site), Belle Dama, I just...don't have anything else to add to feelingmachine anymore except for updating the art page, updating when I write something, updating the webring when somebody joins, which honestly is my favorite part of my own website nowadays. It's so simple, yet, brings so many people together, even if only a little bit.

Actually, yeah, guess that's the announcement for what will probably be the next thing I code the fuck up -- more wife shrine. But if you have no idea who I just mentioned, well, I'll spill so much more about her earlier, but she's a Regional Manager from Toontown: Corporate Clash, and totally my type of older, sweet woman. Eheheheeee. I typed this up at 11 PM can you tell. I fucking love older women.

I suddenly wish I didn't delete my Toontown shrine even though it sucked!! But while I'm here and on the subject of the future, I've been getting scared of the future more and more while I've been alive. Food prices a'risin. Gas, too. I only pay for one but still. Everything is sucking even more and I wish I wasn't becoming an adult during it. Escapism is key to happiness in such a hopeless future. Hold onto hope because I have nothing else to hold onto. Future is uncertain for everything. Love you all, keep the feeling machine powered on.