poetry i wrote while unstable

i get hypergraphia sometimes. here is the result of it.

my face and my brain

is a one-way glass only

i can't see through glass

live through it live for you

strings on my arms like violin you play

my vitals and head stable

hold onto my wrist and wipe away the blood and tears

and vomit because oh boy

is there a lot

every day my head is flooded

it takes the thoughts in my hands

washes them away

sometimes i miss those thoughts

sometimes they are just soggy junk though

but everything is precious and made to be lost through great floods

rush through the head, two-toned knife drug

the great focus the gruesome flood

i shall sweep with knowledge and become the dust

that anxiety and dread turns into tornado

mirrors act a few bits after we do

does your mirror scream at you, too?

when i smile it makes a scrunch isntead

something isn't right on the other side

or maybe mine

i don't know

but it has a message for me

just can't speak it through glass walls

or maybe i'm the mirror

is that why others look at me with

the same frown? the same

ignorance and silence

the mirror gives

i am behind the glass wall after all

seperated, elaborated, my heart

stammers made of reflective

breaks and i am

a ghost in the mirror anyways?

one day we'll all be ok

dancing through forests with our frowns going away

butterflies speak and birds will tweet

but until we reach the merry ending play

i think it's ok

to not be ok