otherkin horror askgame

filled out under the fictotype of Seek. blank format found here.

1. What’s one feature from your kintype that may be considered unsettling or creepy?

to avoid the obvious, the lack of an actual body. that is not a body that i have that you see, that is a choppily-executed clone of what is seen. there's always something wrong with it compared to what i was going for. a limb too long. cut off. blocky edges on what should be a smooth sludge. uncanny, and if sludge can still be close enough to human's bodies, what worse, other things could i be?

2. Do you study other’s or do other’s study you?

study others. many things can be learned from how a dead body falls. managed to have a conversation with an alive trespasser once, though. i was barely understood, but did catch onto some information of the outside world through that. a personal weakness -- offer something with no material, yet all value, and i'd be inclined to just...let you go along.

3. What type of predator are you? (parasitic, pursuit, ambush, psychological ect.) alternatively, What type of prey are you? (camouflage, stamina, speed, misdirection)

the pursuit. the rush that goes through the heart that doesn't exist, nor has any reason to exist, but feels like it is there because it really should be.

4. Any hunting neomata or memories? Do you have any instincts about being hunted or hunting?

plenty. but was it really hunting, or was it protecting my territory? were they supposed to be here, walking through as if this was just some haunted house, or am i the one who should be shot down like a deer? all i have is more questions. onto the hunting memory. holding a dead face, or what hadn't sloughed off of it from a throw into the end of a chair, observing life fade away. feeling nothing towards it, and knowing i should've felt something. the oncreeping knowledge that it had become routine -- a purpose served, entity's destiny.

5. What’s one defensive maneuver your kintype will do to ward off potential predators or rival animals? (Alternate question for less primal types, Do you have a protocol or set rules to defend yourself from danger?)

the tables can be turned at any moment. an amorphous body can turn from an attacking sword to a defending shield, and sometimes too literally, and in a matter of seconds. however, it is still the same soft, stabbable substance. plenty of sharps thrown my way.

6. Do you do anything with kills besides just eating them? collecting bones, a graveyard for remnants, burying it for storage, studying or soul absorption?

there was no corpse to dispose of, unlike most of the other entities in this muted limbo. we had a procedure for body disposal -- despite appearances, consuming a corpse was frowned upon. or at least, publicly admitting that you did. they'll never know that i just...absorb them? absorb them. gone without a trace. or at least, nobody would admit to knowing that i did that. but it's probably really obvious at the end of the day in the mass grave when there's nothing from my dirtied hands to throw in there.

all remaining material possessions of trespassers go to halt. she's nice to help keep organization of those.

7. You are tied to your environment and labeled as a cryptid by the locals. What would your name be? (Ex: The Green river black panther or Swamp Panther)

isn't that what's already happened? seek. named seek. named after a child's game. wish i had some cool name tied to the hotel, but i don't. just seek. but that strikes fear in simplicites.

8. How would you clean blood off of yourself? Is it annoying or enrichment?

blood left a nice pattern on the sludge. it'd fade away and into the rest eventually, but it was a speckled look that made me feel some form of beautiful.

9. Are you bound to an object or do certain objects attract you? (ex: demons bound to books, animals to blood, ect)

not in the sense where i could describe it. the hallway...? i guess??

10. How does your kintype view death?

a neccessity. the hotel was not theirs to come around and descecrate. leave it alone, and you'll be left alone. it cannot be hard for the simple-minded humanity to understand such a simple boundary. as for my own...? when it comes, let it be known that i don't see my own death as an entirely negative thing. the time was grand, but the clock ticks...?

11. What would be an omen that may symbolize your kintype someone may come across?

i'm always watching. obvious or not, i'm like a living security camera. information relayed to the other entities. and of course, once i made my peering into your adventures obvious, heed the warning, leave (either way works, running back or running for your life), or be at the mercy of the void.

12. What weather conditions are optimal for you to survive being hunted?

the only "outside" here is the courtyard. it's always mucky. creepy and wet. also, fuck off i'm like an apex predator here.

13. Do you have any horror movies, lore, or media that reminds you of your kintype?

i'm like a less lurid version of the blob i guess. void monsters, an excessive amount of eyes, slimegirls (or boys. or slime...things), any of those tropes you could chop me up a million pieces into? i'll notice. i'll see. just like me fr fr.

14. Could you survive your kintype in an attack if you are in a human body?

probably not. get fucked, self.

15. What type of enclosure/prison would be required to keep you contained?

seal off any tiny crevice i could throw myself through like the oobleck i am. giant steel container. also i am not a scp don't do that?

16. As your kintype what’s something you think is stupid about humans feature and or behaviour wise?

there is no point in having a skeleton on the inside, and a skin soft enough to go through, and then having anything vunerable in the middle. muscles, blood vessel. vunerabilities in the inherent form of being "human". maybe the inability to ever replicate your human bodies is a good thing, because they're built with such flaw.