I Impulsed Installed Linux Mint

And all I got were useless bragging rights that nobody understands because could you fucking imagine

So imagine this. Nephro, your lovely webmaster and writer of this article, is up at 5 AM again, nobody to annoy, nothing but the sounds of snowplows outside, and browsing /g/. And then a tiny idea pops into your head. And then it gets louder. And louder. And louder. And then you want to act on it. And that idea is perhaps the worst one of all, one to shield a virginity harder than my body pillows, and one to make sure I look both intelligent and dumb as fuck. That idea?

"man i should install linux wouldnt that be fun wouldnt challenging my brain on an os on a day to day basis to a mind numbing amount be fun."

And that's what I decided to do, but first, to decide on a distro. Something not too divorced from the standard experience of Windows, something that even a hollow-skulled numblet like me could handle. Enter Linux Mint, the distro that advertises its sweet self as friendly, and made to work out of the box. I was also leaning towards either an Ubuntu derivative or Arch, but again, I'm fucking stupid.

I grab a USB stick. I do that sweet bootable formatting. I work it out -- and it boots! It works! And it's a comfortable one, so I perhaps make the most brainlet decision of all, on impulse, and still, with no regrets, but not for the reasons one would think. I wipe all of my Windows shit, pardon a few folders backed up to an online service to grab back, and now, I'm on solo Linux Mint. What gives?

Well, it's taught me one thing, and that is the beauty of simplicity.

The beauty of simplicity -- what do I mean by this. Well, it's just made me see computing in a different, yet new, thrilling, calm way. Unburdened. I install what I want, and only what I want. I play around in Tux Paint to relieve my nostalgia for the elementary school computer lab. It still holds up. I mess around with everything. XP theme is the one that's stuck, on that Mint-unique Cinnamon DE. It takes me two days to get ROBLOX to even run. Fun challenge. Fault on my end. And I learned how to use the terminal through only that guided experience, through my dedication to a fucking kid's game.

And that's all I really need. Something to draw with, a browser, and a few other knickknacks. The freedom Linux gives, and yet, I prefer a comfortable life where I still don't mess around much, only when one must need.

After all, a computer should be comfortable.