Cookie Runners' Misogyny Problems

As if a fandom full of teenagers and a game of fujoidbait could go any wronger.

I've played this game, or at least Ovenbreak, since 2020. This fandom has grown massive since, bulking up once with the release of Almond, another noticed sharp point of popularity around when Parfait Cookie was released, and since growing. This has its own advantages, of course -- helps make sure the series won't die, and a lot of fan-merchandice to choose from nowadays, which is always appreciated. And, of course, a growing fancontent base in general, because, well, Devsisters can't write their own characters for shit.

But with that popularity, comes the worse of the worse, the Tiktokification of a community, as I've noticed all too well. Insane cosplayer antics, actually having the blorbos from my shows regonized in a convention...but I could go on about that for days. Today I go on with another, more focused, and maybe a bit more subtle way to pick apart every single one of you's. I am going to cover the way women are treated in popular fandoms, but mostly this one. It's obvious that misogyny is real, but the Cookie Run fanbase seems to have a really, really bad problem with it, for god knows what reason. And first, we go onto a more recent example, and a comparison of the reception of two cookies in Kingdom.

Affogato and Pomegranate. They're both evil, long-robed, feminine looking, serving a worse interest, manipluating all over the place, lies, gatekeeping, gaslighting, you know the joke already c'mon. But what I've also noticed is that, with Affogato's release and the rather humorous surprise of Affogato being a dude -- Affogato seemed to instantly rise in popularity once that happened. The leaks were originally more focused on because of Cacao, but with the reveal of a feminine man, here comes in the fan art, the praise, and all for...the gender reveal. All right after. And still going. And then you look at Pomegranate, who does all of the same shit, but because she's a woman and just so happened to attack the masculine (their gender is still unconfirmed in my heart...) Dark Choco Cookie with said manipluation and an added dosage of hallucinatory torture, she's hated almost universally by newer Kingdom fans, either that or just led onto the joke of the girlboss, and never truly analyzed for what she is -- effecient, but a great writing at a morally dark-gray character.

Again, these characters basically do the exact same things in terms of evil villainous shit, but because one is a man, and the other is a woman who attacks another man, the man is praised by the viewers, the woman attacked.

Sure do wonder why.

Of course, the evidence for this wider problem extends past just comparing two randoms. Another great one is on the topic of two characters who just so happen to be women in love, which is everybody's thing to hate nowadays -- Sea Fairy and Moonlight. These two get evidence upon evidence for Sea Fairy's pinning on Moonlight, just as close as they can write without just outright saying it because laws in countries with money and whatnot.

And then Espresso and Madeleine come out, and manage to score four times as many fanfics about their yaoi-abusive relationship within a year, compared to the Sea Fairy and Moonlight tag over more than three or four by now. Espresso wanting nothing to do with the stuck-up Madeleine totally means they're in love, guys! Oh, Sea Fairy's entire reason to live is because she wants to reunite with the woman she is in love with? Ehh, not enough evidence. Put her with Sparking because he looks in her direction in a single splash screen or something. Fuck everybody who did that, by the way.

For every lesbian pairing popular in this fandom, you could probably find a group of people who deny it for reasons basically pulled out of their ass. Chili Pepper and Rye? Abusive to some. Beet and Carrot? Siblings, despite no evidence suggesting such, seeing as Beet literally just wandered into Carrot's property one day and was set to work for ruining her crop. Lime and Orange? Again, I keep seeing them being called siblings for no reason. What the fuck is up with that?

I remember an incident when I was first in the Cookie Run fandom where a certian cutscene where Princess asks Knight to catch something for him and he fails at doing so and ends up hit in the head being used as evidence for Princess somehow being abusive. The person who mostly pedalled this bullshit ended up a bi lesbian proshipper, which is even more reason to discredit it.

And who could forget when Cocoa was rereleased in Kingdom, and tonnes of people, not knowing the sheer amount of evidence for Mint Choco and Cocoa's own relationship, perhaps even stronger than SeaMoon evidence at this point, merely shoved her off to the side? Saw someone call her evidence of queerbaiting once. Fun Tiktok comments section to scroll through, that one.

And speaking of the feminine men thing with Affogato -- You never see this with masculine women. You never see it at all. Aloe was revealed as a woman after over a year of undetermined gender and I saw people joke of her being kicked from the whole acryonym. She lost about half of her fanbase that day, I swear. Same with Sour Belt, Melon Bun, ect.. Tossed to the edge, compared to the worshipping of, perhaps, Whipped Cream.

"Oh, but Nephro! This is all schizophrenic amounts of tiny evidence, pulled out of your head. Are you sure this is enough to say there is a misogyny problem here?" Yes, because it is also in every other fandom populated by the youth of the chronic onlineness of today. Genshin Impact, Identity V, Sekai, all of whatever is most recent? It's mostly because of the men. It's because of whatever they can do with men. I'm so fucking sick and tired of it.

Rant over, time to play Barbies-Kissing-Naked in my room again.