A Case of Artist Regression from Hyperfocus

Featuring two infamous faces from Twitter's shitfuck.

i think a lot about artists degrading from near-professional standards to public internet ridicule levels of Jesus Christ, Dude? and one of the two most obvious examples of this is rcdart and more recently puppychan

one of them was more focused on (??? diversity i guess someone fill in this blank for me) than anything else and the other was more focused on just turning 18 and instantly becoming a twitter porn furry artist in that oversatured market and it didnt even take either of them years for the art to become blank, dull colored, and. well. objectionably ugly unless you were there SPECIFICALLY for the diversity rcdart wanted or the BIG BOOBA puppychan wanted. but to anyone who wasnt thete for a quick coom, it was mediocre and one drop in a million other posts of big boobs online.

idk what im trying to say i guess is that you shouldnt hyperfocus on making your art one thing or else you lose the rest of what made it nice and pretty to look at. you should make art for yourself and art that speaks from your soul to the soul. you also shouldn’t become a twitter porn artist unless you REALLY need the money