Documentation of my Road Trip to New Jersey

i need you to know that as soon as i crossed state lines the air smelled bad and i hit traffic

So, first of all, just why would anyone want to go to New Jersey. I mean, there's plenty of answers for that. It's a fine state, if not very interesting with plenty of things to do there. For my non-American audience and those who can't remember maps, it's this little sock thing on the East Coast, and also, to less than half's surprise, my home state! Only New Jersey could birth someone as fucked up and strange as the feeling machine. But yeah, I decided on a whim to go down and visit two people before my college semester started just so I could say I did something other than work this summer.

That would be my best friend from high school new girlfriend. I got bitches again. But yeah, onto the actual trip.

The drive itself was a few hours, but not enough to take up an entire day. As long as I stop at a few service stations and take walks and get water and perhaps a snack, I'm usually fine on focusing on the road. Put on my favorite podcast, Gorilla Radio Show (it's just about various topics of primate study and whatnot, would reccomend to anyone who's terminally online enough to know who pissvortex is) , for most of the trip, but also my usual downloaded spotify playlist to break things up a bit. And first off was the best friend. For one, while there is a lack of pictures in general of this trip (I am not a photo documentation person for most things), and espessially not for someone's real life house, this fucker's house just looks like a Spirit Halloween in the middle of the street. Made it easy to park near at least...if it wasn't for my lack of parallel parking skills. I am now known as a "gay parker", whatever that means.

Spent the rest of that day going to an IKEA to pick up the well-known Blahaj. Right now, it sits in my room, on my bed, well-loved under a lesbian flag. You have to keep your blahaj in a space that is openly queer or else it will be neglected of overrun jokes about the sharkplush aaaaand blow up. Yes, an entire IKEA run just for a shark. It was worth it -- I actually really like IKEA as a store. It's a nice long walk of looking at furniture showcasing and being fascinated by the amount of mauled keyboards on display laptops there is. Also took a stop at a local arcade, which I did not spend much time at because someone was hogging a machine I really wanted to try the entire time. After that, forced my friend to watch Phantom of the Paradise with me -- I've been fixated on the movie as of late. Winslow Leech is literally me will not clarify.

Day two was picking up someone I also knew from high school and going to a different arcade, which much more time was spent at. YEstercades, multiple locations so I'm not afraid of naming it, which specializes in the older stuff that is all loved and all. Imagine sitting down to play Smash 64 knowing damn well everyone there hates the Nintendo 64 controller and all you do while beating each other up is whine about said controller. To be fair it does suck, the joystick placement is atrocious, it's so bad oh god how did I stand this thing as a kid. Also now understand why at least two people I know want to shaboing the King of all Cosmos so badly. He has a nice weird speech pattern and I want to sit in his hands and listen to it. Watched the one Sonic OVA that day too -- kinoids. Really good. And I wasn't sure which day this was but Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus.

Day three was!!! visiting!!! girlfriend oh my god I can barely write because I am already thinking about how much I love her. Literally spent the entire day just sitting in bed wrapped around each other like a type of pretzel and doing fuck all otherwise. We had plans that day to go out but those got thrown out of the window for laying on each other like that one guy who died in the Salem Witch Trials. Day four was like this too -- lay around and do fuck all, but she did have a few hours of work that day, so I went out to visit two ! shopping malls (without her ;w;) and got some nice stuff on sale from mostly Hot Topic. I am unfortunately still a sucker for even modern-day Hot Topic, they seem to be getting a little better at not just being another pop culture store. Good for them.

Drive home from that was, well. Nobody likes driving home from vacations. I hit traffic for over an hour and was stuck next to a guy who's license plate was PLOTTIN' or something like that, smoking out of his window, not one, but two vagina joke stickers on his car. I want to study whoever the fuck that guy was so badly. But now I'm home, restless, kinda just...missing being in NJ and in any sort of non-secluded area in general. Definetly going to see if I can sneak back down there during the winter break from classes sometime at least. The joys of having a car is that you can just decide to go places at any time. I'll probably go after lunch to grab some more soda and a snack from the local convienence store down the road, for a brief example. I can just do that. It's nice.

Car dependancy is a fuck but having a car is nice.