Updating Layouts, Planning Them, Ect.

since i finally have the time to do so

today, i updated my website's index once again. it both looks very different and very similar from the last time. more red, and definetly more blue. this won't be the only page i end up changing. most of my inactivity on working on this website comes from focusing on what's a little more important first -- my college classes. art majors when they have to draw or whatever. but now i'm on winter break for about a month, around that, and thus, have some time, and some time to do what's been overdue for a while !

so far, i've tackled rehandling my index, and i'll keep a list of pages that you'll probably see overhauled right down there. my main goal is to have a more cohesive site theme mostly consisting of the already existant machinery themes, as well as a simple color scheme of mostly deepest black and neon blues, with some accenting in more blue, red, and maybe even a white or two somewhere. it'll probably look a lot cooler in my head, but hey.

anyways, list of things i need to redo as well: about, writings, MAYBE the diary pages, links and graphics, maybe some of the shrines, and DEFINETLY doing something about the old as fuck books/figures pages. i might just combine both and make it into a generla "look at all th eshit i hoard" page, sooooo. navigation as well, probably.

but yeah, this is basically going to be my Project to do while i have time so i dont go insane or just play lethal company for 300 hours. hoping other people like what i put out on here in the near future!

oh, and one last note -- you'll probably be seeing this freak around a few places. consider it a sona.