i wrote this while drunk on new years ever

and just for the sake of writing SOMETHING so don't get your hopes up

ok so. hello. it's been a while since i've wrote something and to be honest i've literally just been grinding toontown corporate clash for the past three weeks. this game is like an instant depression solver. takes me into doing at least something other than hatebrowsing reddit so easily. right now i'm on daffodil dickwad or whatever with like 60 laff its awesome. life is good. god i love having everybody near me it's AWESOME

oh also i joined a discord server recently and put this site int he itnroduction and some guy replied to it with "oh this reminds me of EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK because of the way you cope with isolution" and honestly that's the best compliemnt i have ever gotten ever? my goals? i fucking love EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE OK play it now this is a threat

also he was tru ebecause like. a lot fo the shit i talk abt here is personal in some way or another and tackled with fucked up colors and a sicko sense of humor and knowing damn well the damange was already done and now it's MYYYY job to cope wioth my own shit !!!

like god i ulove being ill i lvoe being disabled i love being THE FREAK YOU FEAR and i love expressing it here. i love it here. i love being thrown into the pit of lions with fire breath and giving themk a giggle and a shit eating grin only harrier du bois could rival. i keep referencing disco elysium in my shit and i haven't even played it entirely yet. however cuno is so so synpath. yknow? and i dont fuckin car,e i really dont fuckin care

i have nothing else to put here i just wanted an update to my site to probve i'm still alive and i'll probably make something new soon !!! sorry for the lack of eveyrthing i've just been focusing on things other than webdev and thats ok i have no obligation to update this place at all

happy new yuri 🐸🍹