urges of the flesh and void

and sometimes, those sort of moods just sneak up on you, and you have to take care of them somehow.

in other words seek visits the library and gets some lesbian monster sex.

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Seek's head felt like the middle of a warm, thick cloud, or perhaps the texture of peach fuzz. Soft, but empty. Whatever went along with those daydreams were the faint silhouettes of twisting, bodily shapes, colliding into each other and melting into a foggy bliss. This trail had led it to a skipping beat away from a hallway to patrol, and, currently, a body barely felt with how light Seek felt, sitting in one of the wooden chairs of the library, hands folded under the chin, and only half listening to Figure speak of the last person who had come through. That person's journey had stopped in this very room, and the blood still stained on the carpet had not entirely dried yet. That specific trespasser had specifically hit one of Figure's nerves post-demise as well with the way it had managed to leave a vandalized book in such a tight space that Figure's large claws were not able to reach it. As far as Seek could catch through streams of short sentences filled with annoyance, it was still there.

Those claws. Large, the meat sharpening and hardening into a yellowed keratin at the ends, knives of the most precise, yet reckless command. Seek had already spend so much time playing with, holding, observing them. It never got old to just look at those smaller parts of Figure. A morbidly beautiful beast it truly was -- as Figure let one of those hands drop close to Seek on the table in the middle of this rant, Seek's clouded impulsiveness drew its own hand on top, holding it there with little force, yet enough to seal in the point of an intentional touch. A texture of rough scarring drawn all across it, felt before Seek's own hand climbed down to grab one of Figure's individual claws.

Now seemed like a chance to interrupt and bring Figure over to where Seek's thoughts aligned -- the vague idea had finally found a word to place itself against. Arousal. The mood. A mood that could be taken care of by itself, usually, but with Figure was also fine. But first, priorities.

"Well-- Want me to get it for you?" Seek asked, its hands going into a clamp again.

A nod was returned, and then, the two stood up, with Figure leading a slow way over to one of the beaten up closets just around the corner of a shelf, a small spot shadowed away from the center, with what little light being shined through blocked by Figure's height. Seek right next to the closet, reaching a hand underneath. Sure enough, it was there, a thin leather felt and grabbed by the spine, pulled out, with Seek taking an extra few seconds to come back to a stand. Those few seconds brought another thought over to be melted like candle wax into the rest, but a red wax of romance and that something else Seek remained too cloaked up to name. The book was passed back to its respective owner, another nod coming from Figure's head. A throat left sore from guttural screams again. Before the two returned to their usual spot, however, Seek made a click of a tongue that didn't exist, prompting Figure to lower its head down just enough -- and then, a kiss (rather, a nuzzle mixed with the wet sludge that felt enough like what a real kiss was in all of those romance novels) was given. A short, but love-filled kiss on the side of Figure's mouth. That mouth brushed against Seek's chin in return. Closest to a kiss it could get, but more than enough. Sometimes it wished that mouth could at least close. Cold air running down the throat never felt too great.

If one of those made that hunk of flesh Seek called in the vague sense of the word "lover" just a little less on edge, then one more couldn't hurt. And another. The mind was wrapped in the present, and without second thoughts, a question was popped like a cherry was a long time ago from the present. No matter how many times they've done this, Seek never got over the connotations and the embarrassment. All that Seek managed was an endearing start, and then, when it was time to say that word so avoided, a stammer of stutters and pauses. Figure picked it up from there.

"Just say sex." Figure's words came to a pause, a quick consideration, and then, the conclusion, which was another silent agreement. It wasn't on the same wavelength as Seek at the moment, but once things picked up from there, it usually got a little interesting, "Not near the books." What should've been an okay to it all came out as even more cutoffs. Despite the looks of cowardice from Seek, it had other plans. Plans to ruin, to deflower, and every moment those images flashed into fruiton only brought more excitement. The speech impediment would mean nothing compared to what was to come! And hopefully what was to come would be Figure.

Steps into the open middle, where the light shined once more. A pause on the very center of the carpet, which lasted just for a little too long for Figure to catch on. Something had been planned for this. The sound of the carpet shifting, and a wet mass of Seek's goop coming from underneath the floorboards, raising and reaching over just close enough, but not enough to give a touch.

"Do you hear that, dear?" Seek chirped, "Something wet, oozing, and right behind you." Without any further warnings, the onslaught was on, with Seek turning quickly to get a view of what it was doing. Tendrils came from thicker lumps of the sludge, one pulling Figure by the shoulder onto itself, sunk onto the mess of mass like a propped up waterbed, and the rest of what had emerged so far taking onto wrist and ankle, propping them in place, arms at the sides, and another two small bits of ooze spreading the knees away, revealing sickeningly and sweetly spread nethers like the blooming of a rafflesia. Even this vulnerability, the way the restraints continued to tug at their points every few seconds as a gentle reminder of Figure's place, was enough to ellicit a few short whimpers of excited anticipation, deep breaths in between to ready itself.

The bloom of a corpse's flower was becoming literal, as the more Seek waited and observed, Figure's center of the petals emerged, sprouting out like a well-watered leaf, a grotesque sight to most for one as big and throbbing as the average tourist's dick, but for Seek, this was everything. The way it rutted its hips after the emerge, the way the whines continued, the way it begged to be touched. Only could give this beastly lover what it wanted, what it deserved.

The thickest monster of a tentacle sprouted from below this opening in the meat, with a tip less tapered than the rest, pointing straight into the target.

"Now, now..."

The arrow was shot, the phallic slime being sent as far as it could reach in between the lips, an entrance filled with bumps and ridges and god-knows-what, and every single bit Seek could feel against this particular stem, bringing a rush of warmth to its face and to some unnameable force inside the body and below the ribcage. Figure howled as the tip met the end of that tunnel, and, afterwards, was left wondering just how even the very beginnings of this act of urge had sent it through and through. It would only get worse, and by the end? It would love every single second of this. The tendril was left in for a little, soaking in fluids that smelled like formaldehyde, adjusting to the corridors it was about to explore and make explode with the heavens that did not reach the hotel. Then, it pulled out, leaving an inch or two of itself inside, before burrowing back in, and beginning that simple process of slot-A-tab-B, slow at first, a gentle lover despite restraints. And with that, the occasional symphony of low, growling moans. Seek remained silent, observing, feeling more tinges in where the loins would be, and with the same rushing thoughts as before. Every movement, noise, every little piece of Figure ringed like a vulnerable portrait to be kept on the finest frame (the black slop of eyes and the occasional misplaced organ), honored, loved. More than loved.

A sudden change of pace for the tentacles, tightening and going faster through ravaging, and Figure rutted against the pseudodick with no restraint or formality, only the race to climax, and the haze of a pleasure that was missing from the life of librarian guardianship otherwise. Seek's eye of detail gazed down back to the violated hole, a cunt, and what was right above said dripping cunt. The way it seemed to beat with pulse, an extension of the heart...yet neglected by the touch of Seek's love. The attention that would be brought to Figure's clitoris had to be personal. Seek stepped forward from that comfortable distance it stood away from, lowering into the same crouch as before to get a close look, face inches from what looked like a chef's finest dessert to a mind ruined with lust. If Figure could see just how close Seek was, other than the vague sense of it coming closer, it would've said something other than those screams of a heaven mixed with hell.

"You poor thing, my absolute doll."

A single finger treated alongside the tip of the jewel, and Figure's back arched, before collapsing and only being held up from the structure of Seek's slime, lifting itself up again with a shiver in the limbs. Just that single scrape was enough to provoke such an outrage. Cute. It was so cute when it was like this.

"Well, beg for it. I'm waiting," Seek taunted.

"Please. Pleasepleaseplease, let me-- [Aagh.]" was all Figure could muster, cut off by its own groan. Just one touch wasn't enough. Even the ongoing thrusts were shadowed by just that one touch, dimmed by the light of what could be climax.

That was enough, and one touch would become the illusion of the prince's kiss. Seek brought an inch above the chin to the end of that shivering, glistening pearl, before letting it sink into where a mouth would be, submerged like the tentacle of the same entity was submerged into Figure's pussy. Without further instruction, what was supposed to be yet another kiss on Figure's rough body had become taking in half of the length into its head. If Seek had a mouth, it would've choked, but the feeling inside felt close enough to that. Figure shoved it further down, screaming with an ecstasy it had missed so dearly from the last time it had been touched like this. The pleasure rushed over it like a waterfall, poured into every part of the body it dripped upon, and threatened to drown Figure with that feeling. The muffled, single protest of Seek was not heard -- it had to cum. This would be it.

Seek's tendrils spread those spasming legs an inch or two more apart, and with that, sunk its head even lower onto the clit, bobbing up and down, letting the abstract form of a tongue emerge and circle around it. As long as Seek had the slightest control over the pace, it was more than fine to serve and worship this button. It tasted like the rest of Figure tasted, the same flesh that did not belong to any animal of this world, but down here, it did feel a bit less bitter and awful, and had a hint of salt. It all felt like a perfect choreography, executed, getting to see Figure like this. Reduced to a begging beast, what was usually the most feared part of the hotel turned into such a mess.

A mess soon sprayed onto Seek's neck and chest. Climax had come, a back arching again and again, moans mixed with pants and the rushed voice of proclaimed love in word salad. Figure's claws gripped into the sludge that kept it upright, digging in and holding on for a dearest excuse for life. Orgasm died down, with Figure once again going limp, slime now adjusting to create a comfortable loveseat that Figure would not have to move off of for a while.

As if it could with such shaking legs. As if it wanted to go away from such a lover.

Hushed pants still rung through the air, and the tendrils slipped away and out of existence, the one that had fucked Figure's brains out pulling out last. A drain of black sludge poured from Figure's cunt, onto the floor, surely to stain like the blood that still refused to dry. Seek raised itself, a chuckle of post-coitus airheadedness occupying an immediate drop into its own mass, nearly sinking in at first, but emerging back out to wrap an arm through it and around Figure's shoulder.

"You're...too good at this, Seek," Figure whispered out. A wave of emotions came through the exhaustion seeping in. Soft, comfortable love. The way Seek paid attention to it -- not even with the sex. Those other little things. The utmost care. It had done nothing to deserve somebody so kind, but here Seek was, like an angel granted. The time spent together, shown so many acts of adoration. It had not been too long since Seek had first spawned in the hotel, those first days being observed as a nervous wreck, and then the sudden shift to the current ways it acted. That short time, they had grown close, and it had changed Figure from the century and the decades of how it felt that glass wall between it and the other entities. Eyes to the eyeless, a bond that would last through the eternity doomed to be spent chasing down the poor victims that descended in.

Love was strongest after such things like these. Love was alien and a concept only seen through fiction before Seek had arrived.

And it still felt weird to Seek that all it had to do to make love was ask.