This is my chinchilla,

First of all, look at her smug face while you take in the absolute state of her name.

Kind of a long and stupid name, but it makes her memorable. It makes the heads turn when someone asks about it, or asks just what animal she is. She's a weird one! Chinchillas are pretty weird.

For anyone who doesn't know what a chinchilla is other than "some type of fluffy rodent", here's a quick rundown on what Bong is. The fur is so fluffy that they just won't get pests in there because they suffocate, but also they can't take an actual bath or they grow mold so they roll around in dust to stay clean instead. Her diet is timothy hay, pellet food, and treats and apple sticks because I cannot help but spoil this beast. She runs around my room and chews on my wooden furniture and does fuck-all in the daytime and throws her food bowl on the ground of her cage at night to wake me up.

She is so fucking annoying and I love her anyways she is literally just my daughter and one of the few things that keeps me going at this point.

Here's more pictures of her, because, well, who can get enough of rodent pictures?

To end off the love I have for Bong Water here, the little rodent that keeps me going through life, here's a poem I wrote about her a while back.

and off she goes

from the cage to the floor

scurrying around

tracking hay

from inside the home

it’s whatever

vacuum it later

the dust and the dung

the grey lady leaves

from a luxury bath

settled on top of the cage

it climbs

there it is

the grand prize

shaking shivering and

cleaning, specks wiped off

running off everywhere

under my bed and on the desk

she pauses

where off too next

wondered for

only a second

a simple thinking process

survive and eat and

all of that is taken care of

so she wanders to the wires

and tugs them around

teeth threatening fate

to have a little fun

despite having plenty of wood

that’d be much safer

to dig into

and into the cage she goes back

by now a few hours ago

the cycle is endless.

but being annoyed with her would be

a little too much

after all

a rodent does not know any better

but to live in the present

and sip on

plastic water bottles

run around in the cage

and reach the top of it

a door closed behind

please don’t knock your food bowl over while i sleep