A walk with two friends didn't seem too bad, the last month or so spent in homeless isolation. I didn't want anything to do with others after leaving what chance at life they gave me, and to be fair, most people wouldn't take that well, espessially somebody with nobody ahead to catch them. I had friends, but those friends had other things to attend to. The crab at the same training I was about to enter. The two next to me were the others I had become more aquainted with at the time. I was more of a girls person, just seemed easier for them to look over deformity.

The way they looked over it, the way we talked after meals, well, one of them. The other came around every once in forever to help us out with things amongst the adults, I'd only see that ginger hair in that once in a forever. But she'd come around and ask if I was doing well, the one out of those thirty or so slated for overnights, granted that special privledge to talk to...well, I didn't know what she was yet. Sure did seem important, that tired face, used to be much more visibly tired, actually. Recently, maybe it's just gotten better for her, she seemed a bit more cheerful in the face, a smile, happy eyes. A smile split into two smiles, even. Nobody here has seen a cat in their lifetime, we just had a joke or two about them and then that one kid who claimed this guy they knew that knew another guy had went to the surface and saw one and then described it like some mythological beast. Except it wasn't really impressive compared to what was here.

What was really five minutes did feel like forever, though, they were trying to get through me. Through to what happened in that month. Reported dissapearance. Sightings. A lost friend, she said. I was a friend? To her as well? A friend, and yet-- no, there's no way, it was talk to make me feel good. She probably saw me as a freak. Trying to connect to me even more, talking about how I was in school -- not very quiet, but not very together in a sense. I had tried to be the class clown some year in a gambit and it failed, she was stuck onto that, oh Sea Fairy, how embarassing.

But after being zoned out in that conversation, the ginger amongst us pointed us towards another guy, taller than all of us, hell, a bit wider with muscle as well. Intimidating. Said he was expecting me, rumors, the arms.