"You've proven yourself loyal, Lobster. Continue."

The thin, wrinkled hand lifted itself off of me, pointing forwards. There was no getting around her without a fight, and thus, no choice but to follow command. After the initial scare, however, it did not take long to reach the end. The reward was a miniscule room, a carpet laid upon the dirt, several crystals of varying size and color, but all of shimmering sheen, and a candle in the middle, light, and about to run out of wax.

"Sit down."

"You're on the path to saving your city, but at the very last minute, your plans had gone afoul. Yes?"

I could only sit and nod. The air felt hazed. Dirt fumes. I was not used to air.

"I will bring you to a glorious finish, but only if you let me. Otherwise, you are free to run around and attempt on your own, but I surely think it would be much easier if you let us help you on the way there. Mocha Ray Cookie...she is strong, but she is alone. Where do you think she is now? Still alone. You're already one step ahead -- no, actually, we are. This is us now. You will meet the others soon, but first..."