An offer taken, a handshake then held and led out of the hole my sacrifices had led me to. Despite the aged face, she walked like she was still young, being able to even outpace me, legs sqeezed in between the dirt walls struggling to keep up.

My claw was lifted up as far as she could raise it once we had entered the main room, which, by then, had ammassed a small crowd, a crowd I would soon learn to either distrust, to despise one or two, to be able to laugh and to cry with people I wanted nothing to do with. But for now, they were strangers that looked upon me with the same glances I gave them, except for the one in front, who's red eyes gave a glare under long lashes, sleeve of a robe pulled over what could be a sneer, smile, or worse. She didn't look friendly, but her eyes glanced from my confused expression to the Enchantress', and her terrible look only faded a little bit.

Licorice was to the side, hands clasped in what could've been a clap if the room did not stay silent with such a stale air. I was one of them now, but with that, came our newfound distance from those who have been with the Enchantress for eons, and me, who had been here for a minute, and knew nothing of her in the first place. In the back, three children, and the tallest, most fridge-shaped cookie looking over them, and not at me once.