The routine remained the same, or about that, for that week. Told me to just keep myself occipied, not eat the house out of home, and other general manners, while they'd all be working for the same company, construction work, city expansion. And when they got home, sweat-covered, I at least got to hear about it.

And then that second-to-last morning I woke up a bit earlier, only to notice I was woken up on purpose with perhaps the most violent shake of my life by the brutest of men in the group we had. Missing place in the work team, needed to be filled in by a warm body, and I'd be a decent choice for it. He eyed my arms the entire time while asking me about it, more obvious than he'd think, of course. It's always the arms, the claws, their one interest in me. I wasn't too burnt out of that attention yet. Solid agree, I mean, been couch-hopped for a while by then, be the best I could do, no matter how many reassurances that they didn't mind my presense over the dinner table talks.

Tossed a spare uniform, a bit oversized, never had a growth spurt until later, off the four of us went! Speaking of the uniforms, terrible texture, how does one stand a 9-5 with something this rough against the shell.