Not much notable for that day, because it was all a blur of what was basically the same thing. I was sorta shoved to the side of relevance, tasked with those little things that would take up anyone else with actual experience and merit's time. Mostly just brought stuff around, in other words.

But there is one thing that I remember a bit more well than anything else.

Of course, carrying heavy objects was no feat for grown cookies, but it seemed like I was having an easier time than anyone else in that aspect, and at one point in the day, I was asked to bring over a rather troublesome-for-cookies steel beam, twice the length of my height. Two claws, taken up over the shoulders, but once again, the feeling was there, that eyes were on me. But the faces those eyes belonged to this time wasn't too judgemental. In fact, they seemed impressed, as if this would break their back if they did it themselves. Whatever, we all have our talents. Brought it over, heaved it back to the ground. Still was being looked at, and then the guy in front of me who needed it muttered a bit of a "wow".

Perhaps if I had entered that field, my life would be much different by now, and the back pains of age much worse.