But of course, everyone has their falling. Or, I could've, but there was someone there to catch me.

The most intimidating creature of them all, with their fins the size of houses, teeth the size of windows, and eyes the color of milky eggs and about as disgusting as them, came upon me one day, and with their sights, decided I was the one who would die that day. A pace was on, and a heart racing just like the two of us, tripping on the little stalagmites around, but with no time to afford to fall. And then there was the final chuck, collasping onto my knees, turning onto the back, facing into it's mouth about five feet away from my head and my eyes already wet with tears, stared down, examined, maybe the arms or the legs would've been nice for it to take off and use as toys and

And suddenly, it rushed off with the sound of something that could've been much worse right behind, only for that something to float into the frame of tear-filled eyes, and only be about half the size of that. A beige ray, with the one who sailed it gently resting on top.

That was my savior, the Great Ray. Of course, I didn't know of the signifiance then, I just knew I was saved, that I could breath just a bit easier, or harder? Hard to tell, scared to near heart-attack. And that gentle creature waited just there, ever-in-place, until the one on top pointed at me with a sleeve covering the hand. The Great Ray nudged my leg a bit, and with the slightest bit of strength I had left from the tens of tumbles I took during that escapade, I stood up again. There was already a bit of blood in the sand beneath that leg, dispersing in the water, darkening, enreddening. And so, with one of its gentle fins lifted down, I climbed on, and then just collasped on the thickest part in its middle, and the youngish one commanding didn't seem to mind. And that was my path, my highway to what you could call salvation, a blurry trip to waters I'd never seen so bright, so blue instead of a glearly black.

The signifiance of the girl. I didn't learn her name until later, but it'll stay with me forever, a friend, a lover, that girl, Mocha Ray.