Dim lights at the entrance, one next to the door, warm lights, a contrast to what one usually saw around the city. Antiques on a shelf of old, depicting legends not of our's. The two men who owned this restaurant were trained and hailed from somebody on the surface, but moved here for reasons nobody but they would ever know, and as such, being landborn, nobody has seen them without that nifty air bubble sort of thing over their heads. And the two always rocked it with style. And as our invitor for the group of all of us guardians counted the heads that had arrived, my eyes shyed to the floor when he gave me a glance. Habit, but maybe that came off as rude.

Led to a table, menus, food ordered, and then that lovely expanse of a gap between saying what you'd like to eat, and actually eating it. Our conversation of that day was mostly about the giant fish, and then eyes came to glance me with a question.

"So, what gave you that idea to go all in?"

"How did you make it work so well?"

"Are your claws made for that or something else?"

Ok, maybe three people at once pelted me with those. A sudden lump in the throat, swallowed alongside the pride, and then having to explain, once again, that my claws were just always there.

"Just how I was born," those exact words. My always response to the question I was so used to. And then, their eyes lit up, and so did my mood as a sudden flood of oohs and so cools came in. They took interest! As if I had a crowd. And then it rolled over to just talking about how I lived and worked with those pincers, lived alongside my inability to hold a mug properly, everything else, and they found it entertaiming to hear.

It was a wonderful night, but interrupted by the arrival of plates, and by the time enough of us were done to pick up, we had forgotten about the subject, turning to other various topics.

And that night went on with the same calm pace, the celebration of achievement, the payment of bills, a tink of the glasses of fancy drink, mixed on the land, brought to us as delicacy. A night packed up, returning to the dorm, and -- another letter, with a seal unregonizable by my young eyes.