A patrol duty, the one role kinda shoved onto one of us whenever there was nothing of concern, yet somewhere to be shoved into. And that was my position for that week, which was basically just walking from dawn to dusk and sighting out whatever mischeif occured with those rebellious enough to stray. A time to dwell on thoughts, the glory of my homeland, to stare down at that edge of the ground and into the abyss and just wonder "man, what if I just jumped and ended it all right there?", except I wouldn't -- there were plenty of people that would miss and mourn me, and if I wanted to die, I would die when nobody would care about it. It'd be an insignificant death, but one of a hero.

That edge. The edge of my love, the city, the everything, the ego, and then nothing. The sheer cutoff of brick-by-brick walkway, with a golden-dyed filling of sorts in between such cyan beauty and shine. The subtle cracks of the ground, sometimes I would trace them with my claws, make little shapes, and leave a new scratch in the ground. My weaponry had told its tale, that it was not to be outcasted, but used. I was a weapon of that sentinel force, and they loved me for that. Crouched upon that edge, just looking down, pondering. Maybe I should visit someone after this shift. Doesn't matter who. Even if it's a stranger, my name is known.

That Lobster Cookie, that sentinel, the one hailed from ruin and patched into holiness. I was known, and I was loved.

My legs trembled from the sheer length of time I had spent at that edge of my world, staring up, then down. Looking up there was always so nice. It was a hope. I was taught from mostly the religious scriptures, as well as when another, lesser (than the one I adored, perhaps, but lesser is more of a formal usage here) priestess would come along, and talk to me about that spiritual journey. The one that came along for that -- blonde hair, a wavy short cut, that same hiding-something smile, and clothes alike a nurse. To serve Sea Fairy Cookie...but where is she? Above the water, the roof to the tank of the ocean that traps us all here in home? I've never seen God. Nobody has. I think.

And what did God want from us? Well -- as the ladies taught me, she wanted us to learn to love, to love so much that our hearts burnt like the opposite of element. To emulate the love Sea Fairy had for all of us was the highest honor cookies were given.

I moved my leg a bit.