A leg moved too suddenly, too much, and it slid right off the edge in which I just wanted to move away from. And then I slid exactly the opposite of where I should've went -- down. Unable to catch the footing, a foot pointed down towards my birthplace -- and then my whole body plummeted.

Perhaps dearest Mother wanted me back where I belonged, the hell of abominations which I was.

A quick descent was then interupted by the collision between a slanted wall of stone in which those pretty bricks I just came from stood on. It was jagged, and, with my luck, I managed to hit the place head-first, and with the loudest of noise. With that came the searing pain of something, no, two somethings of stone, pierced into my right cheek, from the bottom of my jaw, and then up, as if slashed by the thickest blade. Deafening. I saw red, not in my emotions, maybe at myself, but red coming from myself. The familiarity of blood. How many times have I drawn it from a beast? And now it was from myself. My head. It hurts. It hurts so badly.