But a hero's journey doesn't end as dissapointingly as falling onto rocks.

Waking up under bright lights. Haven't I done this before? I've been in this hospital to be patched up so many times. So many injuries already. I must look like a war veteran with all of those scars on my body, chest, arms, legs, and of course, dents on the claws. But none yet have touched my face, my less-than-glorious face. And now, I could truly be called a freak with what would result of such injury.

Half of my face bandaged up, and with that, one of my eyes blinded so the rest of it could heal. I thank Sea Fairy that those rocks didn't touch my sight. Earlier, I overheard a doctor speaking outside of the bed I was given. Something about how wrapping around a horn is difficult. Am I difficult to deal with? Too many questions. Should've asked myself that when I had the time, the wandering time, the time before I even had injured myself in this way.

And here I am, left to devices, to twiddle the claws, to wait for a measly dinner that I'd finish in five minutes as always and then put myself to sleep.