That night once again disturbed as soon as I was able to nestle the plague of thought away, and this time, a flashlight shined in my eyes, my claws going to hide myself in instinct, and the familiar, olden laugh of Leader. The other claw swats a bit at them in a playful jab, a mood lightened just by the instance that I had prayed for every day.

And so, looking up at them, already awake enough to listen to what they have to offer, that grand speil always given to us when we waited on a couch or two for whatever was to be done that day in terms of what would've been the regular. And I guess a prayer worked, because I was going to be able to go home already, a wound healed enough, even if it was to last forever. Oh, they're staring right at those scars! Nasty little look that is. But those thoughts were a fading thought, because finally, I could go back to the usual, my friends, allies, hell, maybe I could visit the temple again, leave an offering, and leave. Maybe more than an offering -- is an advance in the form of a kiss an offering to the love Sea Fairy wants us to show to our fellow cookies?

And then, I lift my back up, sitting up, maybe with a bit of a noise, and Leader sits on that cheap chair next to the bed that I'd leave right after. Reaching into their pockets, the dingle-dangle of the medallions won and envied by all of us now, and out came two tickets to -- oh, there's some performers coming into Sugarteara tommorrow. A rare, but beloved occurance by all denizens, was when some artistic field and group took enough fame and interest to take a tour down below the surface of the seas, to us, to show us more than just what we had in that restaurant in terms of what the landlubbers would be up to. Perhaps Leader saw the sparkling in my eyes, hurrying me to get up and get a better rest in a familiar place, helping me up to flat-fuck feet, the footsteps echoing, staircases took, eyeing a mural on the sides of those staircase walls.

Many a man sets down upon healing fields | and many a man departs the next day; | Life is brought to yield here, | Please rest and enjoy your stay!

Amateur poet's prayer written throughout the mural. Collaborative works. This city is truly beautiful, not only in the pictures, but in the people here. So many creatives, the world is such an art, is it not?