And tommorrow was that other day, with the ticket offered by Leader on a dresser, rested there the night before. I had slept in a bit late, perhaps excused by the events that had occured on fate and rock, but my mood was replenished after so long of isolation and dwelling on the self, the ugly self. But if I was ugly, so what? I'm still surrounded by a beautiful world, and today, I would see more of the beautiful world.

In high spirits, the day went as usual, until the moon started to emerge that day, and with that, the show about to begin, in a queue, lit up by beautiful faces, and with the theatre of our city covered. I had heard in the gossips of those surrounding myself of what stakes have been planted for today -- a travelling circus has arrived for the night in Sugarteara. You saw more of an elegant creative here, with drama and playwright, but this stood out amongst the native works we had all seen before. And the theatre stage itself, for this once, was converted into a special seating. Wonder what that could've meant.

And then, acknowledged by the man behind a glass, my entrance to the show slid under the glass, and with that moment, it seemed that I had only now noticed that I was taller than him. And perhaps a lot of the people around me. Unnoticed growth spurt. No longer were the days of manletlery, but now I stood out even more. Ah, well.

Assigned to C45, now where was that? To the left, the highest row of seats, found, a rather blank area. Right next to the green, thick fabric of tent. Strange texture. Wonder what else they use that for on the surface...can't be bedding, no, imagine sleeping on that roughness. Or using it as a blanket. And that stream of thoughts, to say the least, was interupted by the scream of siren, a short, tuxedo-clad lady entering the middle of the makeshift stage, a circle on the ground, blue ground reflecting everything onto itself, a mirror of the soul. The introduction to the show, loud and clear, circus acts, one by one. And they started with their star girl, the apparent "Jack of all Trades of Classic Clownery, Choco Clown Cookie!"