And with the schelduled departure, that sudden onset of feelings was to face a reality -- as long as I stood, as long as Sugarteara stood, I would not see the performer again. A gradual, oncoming acceptance, and within a few days, I returned to that baseline of merely yearning for an unspecified lady.

A few days of normalcy grew on, except for the last day of that normalcy, where a peticular report was given in by the bystanders of what seemed to be an oddest even yet. A sharklike that had came around, ate 5 wallpieces from the wall that a regular family was having dinner on the other side of, and then left, swimming back to a sharp downwards. Reports listed it as small, cookie-sized, no big deal, but still something to look out for.

When me and another sentinel had read the listing at first, pasted on a small bulletin Leader kept around, we couldn't help but not hold in a laugh. Odd thing to happen, and even stranger to report to us. Our duties were for the big ones of the pond, the ones that carried a threat not just to walls but to entire buildings. And even more, what thing just eats the walls?