Another day more spent with that normal sentinelism, idolized by citizens, and then, another letter dropped underneath my door. And the wax regonized by my eyes as Mocha Ray's work, as well. She wanted to see me again. Of course. Pack up the bags (again), and whatever plans I had for that night dropped.

It wasn't too common that she called me over, and whenever she did, it was a lovely time to idolize myself a bit as well, to tell her stories out of the outside world. Her tan skin was devoid of any of the outside waters' marks. The pace I took when walking to the temple was different from when I went anywhere else -- a giddiness I didn't feel much otherwise. I loved seeing her, after all.

The side, same as always, a knock, letter slid underneath so she could dispose of it for good and all later. The usual entrance and greetings from her. It started with a silent bow, and then moving to the left side to let me through, and then through that corridor beneath all else holy. And I started with what the story on that board I saw was, describing the passed-around rumors of what it was -- a cookie, but also a beast.

No matter how those eyes were closed, they seemed to shine anyways, and she spoke of an ancient tale, read from an ancient book. The one we saw might've been one blessed, once a shark, and now less shark than before. Blessed by Sea Fairy, the shark once was condemned to monsterhood, but now lived amongst other cookies, and with such innocent happiness a shark could have.

And the more she recalled that tale, the more my face seemed to pale, my thoughts going into a worse direction than anyone could predict. Was I also seen as inferior for my beasthood, despite all chances, just for my birthplace being where beasts belong? And then that process went on, and on, until after a great silence, expecting a response from me..and then asking if I was alright. How I seemed off afterwards.

"Yes, but could I become blessed too, then?"

I don't know what I meant by this, nor do I think I know what I was saying back then, either. At that point, we rested on the stairs, sitting, shoulder meeting shoulder, my legs outstretched a bit, hers bent at knee. And with that, I saw those legs relax a bit, the same layance I had. She patted her lap a bit. Like a dog, I put my head down onto it. Perhaps I knew my place, perhaps her soft giggle was a reward for that obedience I showed her and Leader and anybody else.

"You can if you open your heart,

"But you already seem pure enough."