A silence warm, a cold water around. We just stayed like that for several minutes after, quiet, glancing along the walls of the temple. What seemed so fancy and foreign to me was just how she lived every day. Lovely luxury, but trapped within it for until we all collasped. But here, with her, it would be a perfect home for us two.

The moment still lasted. I looked up at her face. Warm. Surrounded by a warm body, for the first time in how long. An almost motherly grasp on my arm, her own arm had. Her face was pretty. Still youthful. How old was she, even? So, so beautiful. And then she looked down, smiling, again, so warm. Her eyes, almost shut, but with amber iris giving me the look I had asked for years, without even saying the words, that everything would be ok after all, and one day, when it is ok, I could return to the lap of the one keeping me safe more than anything right now.

Mocha glanced back up, towards a window near the ceiling curve. Stained glass, this one showing beautiful life. Everything seemed beautiful in this moment, the light of dusk coming down towards us, little specks of the moon, protectful and loving as it was towards God, shining upon us. I felt blessed here. It's probably how Mocha feels here, too. Blessed, all the time. No wonder that smile stays so plastered. To be blessed every day...

The loving thumping thoughts were interupt by that soft, powerful voice wielded. The lateness. Asking me to come back, again, whenever this time. From that day on, I was granted that. Not only to come back to visit, but I could perhaps use the front doors as well. The government and the monks that towered over even our positions wouldn't mind. I was known, and loved.