The window in the room. The window was the door to salvation, again, to see the city, the fascination I had with the place in an instant, the wonder of new sights. Looking outside of it, looking downwards, perhaps I was on the third or fourth floor, but I could see so long out, the waters were clear and the world outside seemed wonderful. A new place to be, and rows of other buildings, not knowing what they were yet. But now, with the knowledge I have now, I can look back on that memory of seeing everything for the first time and point a few things out, like that tall thing there being a smaller, unofficial church of sorts, or a rather empty space being for eventful occurance. But I didn't know any of that, so it was like a stare into wonderland.

Most walls for standard buildings were made of a few grades of sugar crystal. They varied in colors amongst a spectrum of blue, from the same hue of the waters (tinge of green), to a deep navy reminiscent of if you looked below a cliff, and that small void in your head wondered just what could be under there.

And I forgot to mention something back in the last page. I was asked my name the next day after I had arrived, seeing as they noticed I was just conscious enough to answer, and while I did give them my name, it was with a voice very weak at the time. I hadn't needed to speak back in the Depths. This consequence of speech issue would continue for a few more years in the youth, but it went away because interaction would be a daily thing from here on out.

This place already felt like home to my young, Lobster self, and it would be.