Sickening crunch, and the sudden tearing pain at right arm's length, or rather, newfound lack of arm, was all that my mind could process after. I lift my chest to at least watch the fight, but it goes back down, ears ringing with dreadful pain I tried to ignore. My body screamed. And then, not even knowing yet what had occured within the length of less than a minute, I took a peak to the source of such pain.

At the shoulder was a severed arm. My own, laying where it had been, the last of what jam was inside slowly draining itself below, with the other end, the rest of my body, doing the same drain at a bit faster rate. And just that slight acknowledgement made the burn of agony so much worse, the tremble beginning, senses lessening even more. Lift oneself up one more try...

Done. And like a nightmare turned reality, the right claw stood still, on the floor, laying, it was gone. That wasn't my arm anymore. It was just an arm, sitting there. Seemed like the afflictor of my sudden severation had been scared off, at least, all that was left was a giant cloud of squid ink. A few emerged from within, bruised up, bleeding, but none with such an affliction as their arm being crushed right off. And as one went towards the now-pitiful shamble of a body I held, barely able to focus on such shapes as other cookies, another cookie grabbed my still-attached claw. They lifted me to my legs, and my legs shook with such an intensity before I just collasped, right there.

I wonder what look that one saw in my eyes, a young military nurse. Was it one of everything, or nothing at all?

Was I anything without my weaponry?