The limbo continued, only interrupted with shorthand news that I would be given a prosthetic arm, but not much else said where I could hear. Left in the dark again, but even a small ring in the clouds of hope was enough to keep me going.

With the anxieties of that added on, my ribcage felt more close to bursting than even before then, where all I felt was that despair. But at least with the main concern out of the way, I'd be free to show my face in public, and not feel aside rather than inside a society such as the one I loved and protected with body and limb. And so, I set off for the first time in ages, on my way to a local specalty - with the science of liquid density, an underwater sauna. As if tourists could forget we were all underwater when they came there.

Light white robes worn, golden accents at the edges of sleeve and end. I looked like the nuns of the city, almost, but I could never be as holy as them. Short walk, with the path taken seeming a bit more crowded than usual, but with the cloud arriving back in my head for paranoia thunderstorm. The eyes felt upon dough and right stump. Piercing, like spears into the conscious. But nobody said a word. We're all busy with our own days.

At least, ancient doorway meets my feet. Perhaps those looks could peel away like wet paper on surface a bit soon.