The light robes on my frame undone, sinking into a lone, deeper spot in that specialization kept for this lovely place. Humid, but the uncomfortableness of the room made sure I could only focus on that, and not the rest of my worries. I could maybe make the rest of my body as red as my horns if I stayed here long enough, but that would also come with the side effect of dying.

In that corner, I looked around, and it felt, once again, like something was wrong. Like somebody was staring. Looked down a bit at the older men in the room, relaxing, before a rush of thoughts came in. The chest, while usually barely seen through water. Small. Flat, for most. Some buff guy was there. And then down at mine to compare, and then, that very wrongness went to realizing I might've been raised in a peculiar way.

I had never changed clothes in the same room as other men, but the chest I had was different. I was also not one to stare at nudity, hence naivity, but what I had looked much softer, a bit larger too, than any man in the room. And with that was my cue to see about the other sex's saunas. With what clothes I had quickly gathered, and a towel draped across soft chest that did not belong here, or perhaps anywhere at all, I rushed out, wondering why I was raised as a man if I had these. Not like it made a different, none of this stuff made sense anyhow, and as Sea Fairy taught, and only some practiced, it didn't matter at all, as long as the fellow cookie was treated with the same care.

Recalling to when I first came to Sugarteara, a realization came upon too, that nobody had asked of gender when I was there. It was left to the sky, and as all children are androgynous, I was just raised peculiarly, and that I would continue to be like this, a strange sense, but still the same as any other man.

And thus, the same process of sitting in a lone corner where women, or rather, other cookies with breasts like mine, as I was processing it in that flustering moment, were in the same room, had occured. The water was still uncomfortable, but my problems faded away, merely just there to be alone, to myself, and to listen to a waterfall pouring into the room.