The undressed theatre was decorated today with a fanciful arrangement of bouquets on the edge, but normally, the shine of crystal stage was enough to blind those who looked at it too long. It was only kept this shiny as to deter those from looking at anything but the shows that took place here. The curtains were embroidered with glittering thread of all colors, and when pulled entirely to closure, resembled the classic wave crashing into the ocean painting everybody knew, but with a little more color.

And today, on the dawn's rise, I stood in front of the stage, further covering a beautiful shine. I felt like bleached coral amongst the living one, framed in the middle, waiting for what was to occur today. And as two other cookies came along, onto the stage, bringing a small and tall table underneath white clean cloth, they stayed in as much silence as I did. The world was silent, calm, and perhaps, at peace today.

And then, one of them spoke up, a whispering noise beckoning me to behind those curtains. I swayed to the furthest side of the stage, climbed a few steps, and entered the behind. The whispers continued, and upon further and closer inspection, it was two high priestesses assigned to arrangement. The one that spoke was quite older, long, white hair set upon ghostly blue scales. The other one did not speak at all, wore a brown veil, and stood behind her, holding yet another tie of coral. My one duty was to stay here until called onto the stage, where that ceremony waited for by me and my one remaining claw would begin.