Her robes almost showed a hand covered in white, lacey gloves, but that was besides the point of such action. The big reveal, and, just like the stage's own, what was underneath was made of beautifully crafted crystal.

A crystal claw, to be exact. The sides slightly smoothed, but still sharp. A claw slightly bigger than my own, no, probably more than a half bigger. An aquamarine tone that turned into sea foam color in the light, reflecting whatever was around it, which right now, included by shocked face, unable to speak out of an emotion unnameable.

Mocha Ray's arms reached towards the gift, the audience watching with silence and anticipation. Her soft, soft robes, the hands underneath. Even a glimpse at those almost drove me crazy. I let the right side of my cape fly into a slight wind, revealing that stubborn nub to her. Like a darling nurse to cure me, her body shifted towards said side.