That applause went on and on as I glanced towards the stage, this time, bowing once more with the arm I was just given. As if by Sea Fairy's own wit and will, already, the brain sent its way towards said arm, and it felt natural as ever to make what would be a complex movement on its own.

Loved. Loved and adored is what I was right now. And to give back, my throat almost closed, before opening again.

"Thank you, everybody."

I was a man of simple words at that very moment, but those cheers grew even larger with those mere simplicities. And I glanced towards the one who still stood at my side, looking even more nervous than I was right now. I was nervous but blessed, but she seemed just nervous. Not unexpected from my shut-in sweetheart.

A whisper followed, only for her to hear.

"I thank you the most, love."

Hoping the world did not see Mocha Ray's face go so red right there and then, as the governor continued his speech. Something unimportant for everybody first, and then, the announcement of an afterparty for what had just occured. He looked at me a tad.

An official dismissal, but I still stood there as everybody, even the one who I had just called "love" like I had known her for a lifetime, which, I guess I did, but not to the extent I wish I did. And then, I left as well, swinging around that new prosthetic like it was a dance partner.

As if Mocha Ray was in that arm, too.