A floor that reflected anything above standing onto itself was the night's stage, a graceful party set under a coming evening and then night. The place sparkled with a shine almost overwhelming, and much more overwhelming than a glass of specialized wine I held in the well claw, standing next to the table it was served from. A bartender unfamiliar to me had striked up conversation earlier, delaying my drink by five minutes more by sheer procrasination. But I didn't mind. Anyone to tell the story too, the reason for such celebration, the body parts lost and then remade. A specialized team, some sort of secret energy bestowed upon those who've proven their worth to the city, all embedded in that prosthetic.

To tell the truth, it gave my heart a rush to tell tales like that, exaggerated, but most of it truthful as this. Made the heart felt on fire, a rush of attention. The bartender was asking questions, keeping up, awed and excited at my presense and what I said. Claw leaning on the table...wonder how it'd fare in a great arm wrestle. Those were nice to perform with the other men of sentinel troops, because with a much larger claw than anyone's normal hand, I'd always win. Was an aura I kept up for myself -- strong, a bit small, and unmessable with, or else.

On the stool decorated with velvet toppery, I took a seat, still blabbering on to impress the guy while he served others, occasionally getting a glance back, a tinge of sweat on his head. Maybe he was into me a bit, seemed like it. Can't judge, but he definetly wasn't my type. I just looked up and about to the high glass ceiling. Same amount of sides as the temple, but also a lot smaller than the temple. Also didn't have enough stained glass to be the temple. Hell, what passageway did I take to get here anyways? But along the walls were stairs leading to platforms, people dancing, entering and exiting. The bourgeoisie, which I was somehow mostly unfamiliar with.

They looked too up-top anyways. Good riddance. My place would always be where I started -- freaks and men who could punch a fish until it swam the opposite direction. No matter how powerful I felt in this very moment, among the highest men and women and with such expensive luxuries, getting myself a bit buzzed, it still lingered. The Depths were always where I belonged, and this, too, was a temporary place to be.