When my claw of crystal had met crystal of pavement, like a sudden swarm of insects, an emergence came from such floor. Sharpened, trailing itself along a straight edge, shining under what little light reached it underneath some clothes hung above.

It had nearly collided with the theft, but rather, knocked him a few feet to the left of the crystal trail. My chest grew with an empty anxiety, and yet, a growing ego, like the growth of such crystal weapon. If I had this power, blessed by Sea Fairy's creation and the craftsmanship of those who worked on it, then I was not only blessed, but able. Able to do my best, and the best overall. My own path, though, other than this guardianship promised once again in the heart, was to the side of the theft.

The natural claw reached towards the trident, and just as I was about to grab it with the other, a heavy object it was, I heard the theft speak.

But I didn't pick up on it, and assuming it was defeated as his facial expression, I responded with that usual stern tone one used towards criminals. To sear the brain, to show them authority.

"I won't mention this to anyone. Don't stain your future again."

Maybe he had some idea of his future, maybe he didn't. Times grew wavering sometimes in Sugarteara, and often, the youth did joke of end times. But that wasn't now -- now was prosperity, so it was espessially unusual for one to engage in such things. Disposition leads to hopelessness, and without hope in your superiors, why fear the law? But I was the law, and even if I understood where one came from, I had to put an end to it.

"Not even my mom?" The theft whined, almost.

"No. Carry home now."

"...Wait. Not yet. Give me your arm."

The trident was dropped to the ground again, and I did a quick inspection for any sort of injury. There was bruising, the mild kind, but I still carried worry. A checkup would do him fine, so I directed him towards the military nurses, with instructions on how to speak to them after telling such nice women that I sent him. After all, I was there too often myself.