The next morning, I had awoken with a groggy throat and a head that felt heavy with the last night's occurance. Bad sleep, and bad dreams I couldn't remember from a restless night. But to more of a current curiosity, looking at the edge of the covers, that fish from last night was nowhere to be seen. An oddness, the windows shut tight, the door shut enough so that a small thing such as itself would not escape.

Dragging my tired body out of the bed, my feet did a slight spin to face the drawer next to the bed, reaching towards the flat knob, before, without much other than a heavy shake and a bang, it flew open on its own. And that damned thing flew out with such a bang, swimming around me once in a circle again before resuming at the right, just like it was last night. A horrid surprise that had almost toppled me back into bed, and I'm sure the room next to that wall heard what shriek I had made at the shock.

And on second-looking when I was not insomnia-plagued, that fish beared some uncanny resemblence to myself. The same blue and red. It was someone who perhaps, could've been my kin if I wasn't a cookie, or if it wasn't a fish. It looked like it could be my gruesome, parasitic twin at my side. A growth, a tumor, but for now, it was not to be judged. For now, that fish...was just there. Not friend or foe, but I could always ask somebody who knew more than me about such wildlife behavior, or better yet, a priest to exorcise it first. But that was judgemental, was here to stay anyways.

That dim light of the esca was the only light in the room, and it was still dark out. But I stared at such a dimness, silent, my head still feeling heavy, a pulsating feeling from within the skull. I didn't speak. It made no noise. Egh. Here to stay. My opinions flip-flopping already, but it could prove itself as an ally within time.