Perhaps, this could've been where I faded away into white and then nothing, but staring up against the seas' bright sky above, I could hear the whispering of a voice inhuman, but beautiful.

"A hero's end will not reach you yet, knight."

Warm sensation. Feels like the mother I never had. A claw, covered in the sand and dirt that should've been my resting place, reaches out to this warm water sensation. Euphoria. Warm embrace.

"God, why?"

My voice is weak. So, so, weak and pitiful. The figure now has colors, the colors of blue, pearl, and Holy. Holy being embrace. It continues. Nothing matters around me except for this God.

"Your time is not up. You have a long way until then. Embrace it. Celebrate your life. Embrace it like I embrace you."

The warm water turns almost boiling, constricting, as to shock me into what she wanted -- to realize my purpose, which I already knew as a living Sugarteara's best weapon, to live. To live. Live live live celebrate and partyyyy.

"Ease. You see. You know love. Embrace that love."

"But why, God?"

"For me, who cannot, embrace that love fully."