"You've come to the perfect place and time, then. May I assist you, Knight?"


She took a seat on the chair right next to mine. Red chair was her's. Mine was blue, perhaps a softer texture on the legs. Hope she can't feel the air of infatuation around me.

"I've heard of the incident from...recent, right? Visited by God? You should be proud of yourself to be blessed with her presense. Very, very proud, Knight."

"I do what you've described already, but my soul lingers for more of it."

"Once-in-a-lifetime for most. If she visits you again, consider yourself thrown into history as our greatest."

Something about that voice and the looks she gave towards me made it easier to breathe now. Made it easier to speak, too. Just...something about the way she moves, too, graceful steps towards her own future. But everything about her made me feel better to be alive in this city.

"But could I be visited...persay, on purpose? Like summoning ghosts."

"Only if She would visit you again in the first place," looking towards the ground for a second.

"I understand, but -- why in the first place?"

"Chosen. Simple as."

I guess by then my inability to truly grasp the concept of being chosen for something so nice and lovely and warm had gotten to her a bit, my stubbornness like dirt on the heart. She stood up, closed her own discovery, gave that short goodbye before praying right in front of me to really seal the deal of being chosen and all, and went off to a door I hadn't noticed was in this library before. Exiting into a rather dark room. And I'd make my own leave, too, leaving what I was on beforehand in the same place, but not before making a minute note of the page and paragraph I was on. I'd forget anyways, but it was always good to at least try.