"Do you need something...actually edible?"

There is no guide to responding to the actions of vagabonds, but this was surely a different type of folly. One that ate architecture, young, could be spending their life doing much better or much worse. But the shark simply gave a shake of the head, fit in its ways. No matter how strange it looked to anyone around it, it did not care, because that is how it has lived its whole life, taking bits of things nobody cared about and making them into something useful -- the will to live, eat, flourish. Being socialized is a privledge, perhaps, but this thing had to have been socialized. So, what gives it the will to bend on a lone path like this?

"Shoo, then," were the only words I could foster to try and cut this behavior out. Words told dozens of times to it. "Don't eat the walls," sounds so simple to someone socialized, with community, reason, and a reason to not, well, eat the walls.

But for someone else, there is no reason to not eat the walls, so it does so. No matter how unlogical, it seems just in the head.